Links to other Aboriginal Astronomy Web Sites

This is a list of links (in no particular order) to every web site that I'm aware of which contains some information about aboriginal astronomy. Please let me know if you find one that I've missed.

Link Comment/description

Michael Mitchie's Aboriginal Astronomy Links


An excellent resource to start you off into the web and literature.

Aboriginal Studies WWW Virtual Library


An excellent resource indexing all aspects of research on Aboriginal culture & artefacts

Paul Curnow's Aboriginal Skies

A site which includes some interesting material about Aboriginal astronomy in SA, including the lunar cycles marked at Ngaut Ngaut.
Ngurunderi Site about the Ngurunderi people, including info on the carvings at Ngaut Ngaut.
Ausanthrop Fairly useful guide to Australian Anthropology, with sections on different language groups (this site is not as well known as its partner site, Misanthrop).
Burrara gathering Wonderful fun web site with an interactive visit to the Burarra people in Arnhem land. Includes an example of navigation by stars, which some texts say never happened.
Didj u Know stories. Entertaining site aimed at kids. Includes the statement that “Without the aid of telescopes or satellite photography Aboriginal people have been able to define the differences between the planets, stars, constellations, and understood the cycle of the phases of the moon and the rising and setting position of the sun.”
Cooinda Gallery Symbols and interpretation of Aboriginal art
AIATSIS The Library and Archives of AIATSIS: Indigenous study materials electronic Mura catalogue, ASEDA and WILD:
Thinkquest Aboriginal Astronomy  
Questacon Aboriginal Astronomy  
The seven sisters point the way (ABC radio report)  
Aboriginal Astronomy
Indigenous Astronomy, Meteorology and Law
by Tyson Yunkaporta
THE VICTORIAN MALLEFOWL RECOVERY GROUP, INC: Aboriginal Astronomy A piece written by John Morieson on the aboriginal astronomy of the Mallee Fowl
The seven stars of the Pleiades An ABC interview with Munya Andrews
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